1. Architecture
Carpenter (Form & Interior), Plasterer, Rigger, Painter, Sassier, Re-Bar, Black Smith, Plumber, Concrete worker, Tile, Architecture Foreman.
2. Civil
Civil Plumber, Stone workers (Splitter & Layer), Paving worker, Surveyor, Laboratory Technician, Rock Driller, Civil Foreman.
3. Common
Common Labour, Security Guard, Cook & Cook Helper, Office clerk, Laundry, Barber, Male Nurse, Assistant Admin & camp control, Medical Doctor.
4. Plant & Machinery
Refrigerator, equipment Plumber, General Welder, Duct, Insulator, Pipe Fitter, Mill wrighter, Plant Welder, Plant Painter, Boiler, Plant Foreman.
5. Heavy Equipment (Operator & Driver)
Light Vehicle, Dump Truck, Trailer, Con'c Pump Car, Tank Roller, Fork Lift Grader, Roller, Dozer, Pay Loader, Compressor, Tower
Crane, Tire Crane, Excavator, Batch Plant, Distributor Asphalt
Finisher, Asphalt Plant.
6. Heavy Equipment (Mechanic)
Tire repair, Better Light Engine, Light Chassis, Generator, Small Equipment Mechanic, Heavy Equipment Engine, Heavy Equipment Chassis, Heavy equipment Plate, Heavy Equipment Painter, Heavy equipment Welder, Hydraulic, Plant Electrician.
7. Electric
Testing Center License No. 002/1997 Registered under The Department of Skill Development, Ministry of Labour.
Completely equipment and testing facilities.
8. Industrial Factory
Garment & Textile, Electronic, Automotive, Food & Beverages, Footwear, Wood & Furniture, Chemical & Paint, Iron & Steel, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Printing.
9. Agricultural
Farming, Plantation, Gardener, Cattle Farm, Dairy Farm, Chicken Farm, Fishery, Fishery, Poultry Farm, Fish Farm, etc.
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